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Collaborative and Cooperative

            People working with joint efforts can never be beaten.
                                                                             Huai Nan Zi

                      组织行为                           Organizational Behavior

                                                     We believe the overall interest is our ultimate goal.
                                                     We should make competition without defamation
                      竞争不诋毁、合作不倾轧。                   and cooperation instead of conflict.
                      目标共进,平台共建,利益共享。                We should follow the common goal, establish the
                                                     platform jointly and share the benefit.

                      个人行为                           Individual Behavior
                                                     We should look at the big picture and work
                      大局着眼,小处着手。                     from the details.
                      多补台,常换位思考。                     We should help each other and often think in
                                                     others’ boots.
                                                     We should support others and accomplish
                      反对行为                           We are Against

                      占山头、抢资源、争眼球。                   Lording it over and loot the resources to attract
                                                     attention of others.
                                                     Benefiting ourselves at the cost of others.
                      只考虑自己的一亩三分地。                   Only thinking of our own benefit.

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