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Clean and Broad-minded

            Only freedom from vanity can show one’s lofty goal of life; and only peace of
            mind can help him to achieve something really lasting.
                                                               An Admonition to My Son

                    组织行为                         Organizational Behavior

                                                 We should create an active and positive atmosphere
                    营造阳光、向上氛围。                   for our staff.
                    用人五湖四海,做事心思端正。               We should appreciate staff from various regions and
                                                 be upright.
                                                 We should bear with different people and tolerate
                    人格平等,机会均等。                   their differences.
                    端平一碗水,用好一把尺。                 We should know staff are equal and their
                                                 opportunities should be equal.
                                                 We should treat staff equally with same standards.
                                                 Individual Behavior
                                                 We should establish ourselves and achieve our goals
                    小善要为,小恶必止。                   while helping others to do so.
                    心术正,自身硬。                     We should do good things and do not do bad things
                                                 no matter how small they are.
                    简单交往,坦荡做事。                   We stand upright and firm, and nothing will harm us.
                                                 We should be simple and frank in our work.
                                                 We are Against
                                                 Working only on the surface.
                    计较一得一失。                      Only caring about individual gains and losses.
                    掩饰错误,诿过别人。                   Covering up one’s mistake and blaming others.

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