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Green Development

            With limited resources, we should take with plan, consume with limit, so that we
            can keep sustainability.
                                                                         Zi Zhi Tong Jian

                            组织行为                     Organizational Behavior

                                                     We should make most of the limited
                            善用有限资源。                  resources.
                            让绿色成为竞争力。                We should turn green development into
                                                     our competitiveness.
                                                     We should embody ourselves into the
                                                     nature and live with it.
                                                     Individual Behavior
                            珍惜资源,哪怕是一张纸。             We should start from our own behavior
                                                     to save every bit possible.
                                                     We should treasure our lives and live a
                            热心公益事业。                  green life.
                                                     We should be full of public spirit.
                            反对行为                     We are Against

                            铺张浪费。                    Being extravagant and wasteful.
                            杀鸡取卵。                    Being short sighted.
                                                     Being eager for quick success and seek
                            贪一寸之功,急一时之利。             short term benefit.

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