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             General Provisions

              尊重平等                                真诚宽容

              尊重平等是我们与外界交往的核心原则。                  真诚宽容体现出我们的社交风范。

              尊重平等的含义是尊重自己,尊重他人,                  在人际交往中,要真诚待人,理解他人
              平等相处,一视同仁。要求我们既热情                   个人行动和自我判断的自由。真诚宽容
              友好,又不卑不亢。                           要求我们既要言行一致,表里如一;又

              Mutual Respect                      Sincere and Tolerance

              Showing respect and treating people   Sincere and tolerance reflects our manner
              equal is our core principle communicating   at social communication occasions.
              with outside world.
                                                  During the personal communication, we
              Showing respect and treating people   should be true to other people. We should
              equal means respecting ourselves while   understand other people to have their
              respecting others. We deal with people   own actions and their own judgment. On
              in equal base. That requires us treating   one hand, we should be consistent with
              people warmly while showing neither   our own words and deeds, on the other
              humble nor pushy.                   hand, we should also be generous and
                                                  understanding with others.
              We should respect the custom and taboo
              subject of people from around the world.

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