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Mutual Respect        Sincere and Tolerance        Moderate and Proper        Self Disciplined
                                                                                 NINE ASPECTS
                                                                                 OF PROTOCOL

                 适度适宜                                自律自省

                 适度适宜要求我们在社会交往中一定要                   自律自省要求我们在社会交往中,严于
                 具体情况具体分析,因人、因事、因时、                  律己,遵时守约,遵循规范,不断提高
                 因地恰当处理。                             自身修养。

                 应用礼仪时要注意把握分寸,大方得体。                  得体的仪表和举止源于良好的自我修养。
                 把握分寸是礼仪实践的最高技巧。运用                   每一位员工在对外交往中都代表着中国
                 礼仪时,做过了或者不到位,都不能正                   建筑,不仅体现着个人的见识和教养,
                 确地表达自己的敬人之意。                        也体现着企业的思维深度与文化厚度。

                 Moderate and Proper                 Self Disciplined

                 It requires us to give moderate and   Self discipline means that during social
                 proper treatment during social      communication, we should be disciplined
                 communication, according to different   and keep appointment and observe the time.
                 person, different things, at different time   By following the rules and standards, our
                 and locations.                      competence will be improved as time goes by.
                 Application of etiquette requires us to   Decent dressing and manner is resulted
                 maintain the right balance. It is of a high   from well accomplished self discipline.
                 skill of application of etiquette. Too much   Each staff is a representative of CSCEC
                 or not enough application of etiquette   when dealing with other people. He or she
                 can hardly express our respect to other   shows not only his or her knowledge and
                 people.                             manner, but also the dimension of thoughts
                                                     and profound culture of the corporation.

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