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Matching        Order        Timing        Standard        Do as Romans Do
                                                                                 NINE ASPECTS
                                                                                 OF PROTOCOL


                 Outfit Matching with the Situation  same color system. It is better to be
                                                     black color.
                 Serious and graceful in the office;
                 Fashionable and particular during social   There is no need to wear a tie in case of
                 communication;  And comfortable and   wearing jacket or T shirt. White socks
                 natural at casual occasion.         and nylon socks are not matching with
                                                     the suits.
                 In the important occasions or
                 international communication occasion,   It is suggested that ladies choose single
                 we should follow the requirement of the   color or simple and elegant color shirts
                 event. Ladies should better wear formal   to match their business outfits. The color
                 business suits and gentlemen should   of their shoes should match the color of
                 mainly wear western suits.          their handbags and outfits.

                 Color of Outfit                     Matching Jewels
                 There should not be more than three   When wearing jewels, it is suggested to
                 colors for the outfit of a gentleman at   accommodate the local custom. There
                 business communication occasions.   should not be more than three kinds of
                 Gentlemen should choose darker color   them and should be no more than two
                 outfit if possible, with their shoes, belt   pieces with each kind. The texture and
                 and bag in the same color series.   color should be the same and the style
                                                     should match with the outfit and other
                 In the international business occasions,   jewels.
                 it is suggested that the color of men’s
                 suits, shoes, suitcase should be in the

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